2001 Percheron x TB Mare

16.3 HH Bay

Hazel is owned by one of our first students. She evented to Novice with her owner and went off to college with her. She unfortunately developed some arthitis in her neck that prevented her from competing over Beginner Novice height. She is now back with us to teach our next set of students the ropes of eventing! She is a cross country machine and a beautiful dressage horse! She is a favorite as she is an incredibly sweet mare who takes care of her rider!

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Height Limit: D3 Certifications, 2' for shows


1996 Trakhner x QH Gelding

16.2 HH Bay

Regen is owned by an adult student of ours. He has been with Iron Horse thru two owners now! He's a goofy, easy going guy who anyone can ride. He does our beginners to jumping with a steady attitude. He loves his treats and scratches after a lesson! Teaching the canter and low level jumping are his favorite lessons!

Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Height Limit: D3 Certifications, 2'3" for shows


2000 Welsh Cross Mare

13.2 HH Seal Bay

Sophie is owned by one of our boarders and is a part time beginner/intermediate school pony!

Rider Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Height Limit: D3 Certification, 2' for shows


1996 Thoroughbred Gelding

16.3 HH Bay

Slew is a retired Dressage horse who has also dabbled in jumping. He is owned by an adult student and steps in as a part-time school horse teaching all levels of flat and beginning jumping.

Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Height Limit: D3 Certification, 2'3' for shows


2002 Azteca Mare

14.2 HH Bay Roan

Bren is Adria's personal horse and Iron Horse's mascot. She is a very sweet horse always eager to greet everyone that comes down our aisle. She is very good at begging for treats with a unique tilt of her head and big brown puppy eyes and if that doesn't work, she throws in a soft nicker to melt those hearts. She's a favorite of all the interns to work with on the ground as she is so quiet and patient!

Rider Level: Advanced

Height Limit: C3 Certification, 3' for shows


1999 APHA Gelding

14.2 HH Palomino

Wilbur came to us from a trail riding and western background. He is really just a giant golden retriever! He loves all his riders and can pack total beginners to jumping 3' around. He has a never ending can do attitude even if he has no idea what is being asked! His third ride ever in English tack, he went XC schooling and led all the experienced horses over the scary jumps! He jumped for the first time the day before. He really is our very own unicorn!

Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Height Limit: C1 Certifications, 2'6" for shows


2007 American Paint Gelding

15.3 HH Bay

Clementine joined our family in 2019 with a solid background in teaching people the rope of eventing up to Novice. She is getting the hang of being a full time school horse and LOVES all the attention she is getting! (Maybe also the treats!) She has evented up to Novice and is truly a gentle giant of a horse, looking like a giant over-sized stuffed animal.

Rider Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Height Limit: C1 Certifications, 2'6" for shows


2006 Percheron X TB Gelding

16.1 HH Bay

Jack came to us on 2019 from a former student who wanted to find him a job while life was too busy for her to give him the attention he needed. He is a wonderful dressage and trail gelding and is dipping his hooves back into jumping and eventing.

Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Height Limit: C2 Certification, 2'6" for shows


2005 Draft x Paint Gelding

15.2 HH Palomino Tobiano

Pete is a easy going guy who can pack beginners to advanced students around. While he's not always the flashiest of movers, he is sweet and tries his hardest making him an awesome school horse.

Rider Level: Beginner - Advanced

Height Limit: C1 Certification, 2'6" for shows


2007 Pony Gelding

13.3 HH Bay

Tucker is Adria's project pony. He loves attention and doesn't understand why going forward is necessary.

Rider Level: Very Advanced

Height Limit: Unknown?

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