Minimum age: 6 years old

Maximum age: no limit

School Horse Lessons

Groups Lessons

1x Month Package       $225

2x Month Package       $410

Single lesson                $65


Private Lessons

1x Month Package       $265

2x Month Package       $490

Single lesson                $75

Own Horse Lessons

Groups Lessons

1x Month Package      $200

2x Month Package      $360

Single lesson               $55

Private Lessons

1x Month Package      $240

2x Month Package      $440

Single lesson              $65

Training Packages

Includes Horse Care Services

For our horse owners, we offer some basic monthly training packages. You have weekly group lessons on your horse and your horse receives pro-rides from one of our trainers to progress them in their training. Prices apply to group lessons only, but private lessons may be arranged at an increased rate. A three month commitment is required.

Quarter             $340

 1 weekly lesson, 1 weekly pro-ride

Half                   $500

 2 weekly lessons, 1 weekly pro-ride


As a monthly Sponsor of a horse, you are guaranteed the same horse for lessons and practice rides. Showing is not available. Hacks must be scheduled to fit around the horse's other lessons. Prices apply to group lessons only, but private lessons may be arranged at an increased rate. Three month commitment required.

Half Sponsorship       $330
Monthly - 4 Lessons, 4 Hacks


Full Sponsorship        $500

Monthly - 8 Lessons, 4 Hacks



A lease offers you flexibility and responsibility as you essentially become a 'part horse owner.' Your weekly lessons are scheduled around you. You are able to attend events with the horse. If you exceed your event limit under the lease, additional days can be leased. Prices apply to group lessons only, but private lessons may be arranged at an increased rate. Six month contract required.

Quarter Lease          $225
2 weekly rides, 1 weekly lesson req'd

Half Lease                $450

3 weekly rides, 1 weekly lesson req'd

Payment & Lesson Policies

Lesson packages are charged on a monthly flat rate basis and should be paid at or before your first lesson of the month. Payment may be made via check to: Iron Horse Riding Academy, cash, or electronically via Zelle or Venmo to ironhorseeventing@gmail.com

Payments received after the 7th will be charged a $40.00 late fee invoiced the following month.

Any cancellations with a minimum 24-hour notice on either the part of the rider or the instructor will be rescheduled as a make­-up.

Email, call or text Adria at (503) 706-9073 at least 24 hours in advance for any cancellation, so that your spot may be filled by another rider.  Last minute cancellations and no­-shows will result in a lesson being charged with no makeup given.


Make­-up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson (60 days if instructor cancels) and cannot be used as credit toward future payment. It is the rider's responsibility to keep track of missed lessons and schedule make-ups.

Please schedule make-­up lessons in advance if you know that you will be absent.

No refunds for lesson packages or unused make­up lessons, if you leave the program.

Special payment arrangements can be made in advance, if needed.

Extra lessons are welcome and can be paid for on a per-lesson basis, or you may upgrade your lesson package.


Pay-­as-­you-­go lessons are not guaranteed a regular spot in the lesson schedule.

Showing is available for those riders who own or lease a horse. 

ASTM­/SEI approved riding helmets, pants, and boots with a heel are required.


Jeans with "bling" are not allowed as they can cause damage to saddles.