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Full Care Board - $950

STALL OPENING at end of August.

Our all inclusive boarding is designed for our horses to be healthy and happy while at our barn. Our stalls are 12x12 or larger with full mats or stall mattresses installed. Stalls have an open design with bars between to allow for socialization. Every stall has a run that can be closed up in colder weather. We provide top quality timothy, alfalfa, and local hays which are fed 2x daily. We feed owner provided grain and supplements and will help you design a feeding program that will support your horse's needs with help from nutritionists. Horses enjoy small group turnout in large pastures year round for all daylight hours.​ We have a large (200' x 100') all weather outdoor with lights, a standard sized dressage court (70' x 200') indoor with european riding wall and mirrors, and a large all weather round pen with lights. We have a perimeter trail that is open seasonly for hacking and are in the process of developing a Derby Field with XC jumps for lessons and schooling.


For boarders wanting to have extra services, please see our training packages.

We do not allow outside trainers at this time.

Training & Lessons

Training Packages

Our training packages are tailored to each rider and horse's needs. Options can be a mix of group or private lessons, pro-rides, groundwork, and lunging. Every Training Package includes Services such as: Bringing in and holding for the farrier, vet, and other appointments at the barn, medication administration, hand walking for rehab, basic bandage changes, and wound care are included. A complete list of included services is listed in our Boarding & Training contract.


We now offer lessons individually outside our Training Packages. Boarders and Haul ins are welcome to schedule lessons as they have time. Space is very limited, please contact us for availability. We offer group lessons (4 riders), Semi-private lessons ( 2 riders) and private lessons. Group and Semi-private lessons are an hour including some warm up. Private lessons are 30 minutes and riders are expected to be warming up their horse up 15 minutes prior to the start of their lesson.



Group (4 riders) - $75

1 Hour

Join one of our group lessons Dressage or Jumping

Semi-private (2 riders) - $85

1 Hour

 Dressage or Jumping

Private - $90

30 minutes

Riders expected to be warmed up prior to lesson

Dressage or Jumping

Training Option A


2 Weekly Training Sessions

Training & Health Care Services


Training Option B


3 Weekly Training Sessions

Training & Health Care Services

Training Option C


4 Weekly Training Sessions

Training & Health Care Services

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We strive for top notch care and training in a fun safe environment. We are dedicated to making sure your horse and you are set up to be successful in all your pursuits!

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