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School Horse Lessons

Borrowing Joy

Just Lessons


We are not taking just lesson students currently. Must be looking to lease, very limited spots open.

Our basic monthly package provides twice weekly group lessons on a school horse. Start off right learning in our comprehensive lesson program on our solid lesson horses. You'll enjoy the same curriculum taught to all our lessons from beginners to showing.




Sponsorships are a unique way to do more than just lesson without committing to a lease. With a sponsorship, you will have once weekly lessons and one hack a week on the horse that you sponsor. Enjoy the extra saddle time connecting with a specific horse! Showing is not allowed with a Sponsorship.


$800 / $1000

We offer either a One-Third Lease ($400) or Half Lease ($600) on School Horses. Each lease has twice weekly lessons ($400) with one or two days for hacking, respectively. Partial Leasing allows you to train and compete without needing to fully lease or buy a horse right away. Restrictions do apply on jump height and number of shows depending on the lease and the horse.

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