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Horses for Lease

We have a string of safe reliable school horses available for lease. School Horse Leases allow riders to learn and compete in Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage with our seasoned school horses before committing to a full lease or purchasing a horse right away.

Half Lease: $1000 lease & lessons


We currently only offer a Half Lease ($600) on our School Horses. Each lease is required to take twice weekly lessons ($400) and also get two days for hacking outside of lessons. Our leases include all routine care (board, feed, dentals, vaccines, worming, farrier care, joint maintenance) that are not billed separately giving you a stable monthly expense. Lessees do not have to worry about arranging appointments, hauling to and from those appointments, and needing to be in attendance during the appointments either. All tack and gear for the horse is provided as well (tho you can have all the saddle pads you want!).

Restrictions do apply on jump height depending on the horse being leased.


14.3h Paint Gelding

Wilbur is our most seasoned School Horse. He is a fun super safe pocket rocket with XC jumping being his life. He has a golden retriever personality bonding with his riders quickly and wanting nothing more than to do a good job. Since he is older, he is able to show up to 2'6" in Jumper Shows and Starter Level in Eventing.

NO Lease Spots Available


Maggie Moo

15.1h Belgian x QH Mare

Ms. Maggie is a fancy little power house in a tank of a body. She's a belgian and quarter horse cross making her a solid build. She is surprisingly light on her feet both in her flatwork and over fences. NOTHING phases this girl having a past as a driving horse. She is able to show up through Beginner Novice.

NO Lease Spots Available

Jack Spade

16.1h Percheron x TB Gelding

Jack is our easy going good guy. He's the master of finding the most relaxed way to get everything done. He has a background in Dressage but loves everything about jumping and XC. He is light on his feet and a nice middle of the road whoa and go ride. He is able to show up to Beginner Novice.

NO Lease Spots Available


One Impressive Copy

15.3h Paint Gelding

Copy is our safest packer with the biggest goofy personality. He is a certified saint with his riders and while he's about the oddest horse to look at, he does well in both Dressage and Jumping winning over everyone with his steadiness and goofy charm. He is able to show up to Beginner Novice.

One Lease Spot Available

Born to be Slew

17h Thoroughbred Gelding

Slew is our spunky old man! He has an extensive Dressage background and loves to jump. We do set limits to his jump height because of his age but if you ask him, we are being silly. He is tall and lanky so is better suited to teller riders to be able to put him together lightly.

Sponsor or Lease Spots Available




Sponsorship is only available with Slew.

All other horses are for LEASE only.


Sponsorships ($420) are a unique way to do more than just lesson without committing to a lease. With a sponsorship, you will have once weekly lessons and one hack a week on the horse you sponsor. Showing is not offered with a Sponsorship.

We strive for top notch instruction and training in a fun safe environment. We are dedicated to making sure your horse and you are set up to be successful in all your pursuits!

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